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MY-B006A Small and portable Blood gas and Chemistry Analysis System

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Features for blood gas analyzer:
Blood Gas and Chemistry Analyzer
The Blood Gas and Chemistry Analyzer is an electronic instrument which is used to analyzer whole blood samples (measuring blood gases, electrolytes, metabolites, and hematocrit).
The analyzer can:
Scan bar codes of test cartridges, calibrant fluid packs, controls, calibration verification controls, patient and operator ID, etc.
Identify the types of test cartridges.
Control the flow of fluids.
Maintain sample temperature at 37C.
Measure the ambient barometric pressure and ambient temperature.
Measure electrical signals generated by chemical sensors and biosensors.
Analyze and display the concentrations of analytes in whole blood samples.
Transmit test results to the Data Management System (DMS) or HIS/LIS.
Store all kinds of test results and data, such as patient sample results, control test results,
proficiency test results, calibration verification test results, simulator test results, etc.
Animatedly demonstrate the operating process.
Data Management System (DMS)
DMS refers to a computer which is loaded with the data management system software. With the DMS, you can:
Enter test application data.
Edit patient information, view, check and print test results.
View, check and print quality control (QC) test results.
Search for patient test results by patient name, patient ID, date and time, department, etc.
Calculate the amount of work of a physician, the results for a parameter of a patient
during a period, the test times and the fee of a parameter, and print the statistics results.
Set the following items: test physician, department, sample status, printing, bar code, etc.
Backup and restore data, view logs.
View data for instrument diagnosis.
Import patient information from HIS/LIS.
Manage up to 20 analyzers simultaneously, storing test results transmitted by analyzers.
Throughput :Results in 1 minute after sample aspiration
Sample volume:120uL
Quality control :3 or 5 levels QC, External electronic simulator
Display:7-inch color LCD Display, 800*480
Interface:4 x USB 2.0 host, 1 x RS232, WLAN
Input device :Touch screen and barcode scanner
Power supply:100-240VAC,50/60HZ
Battery:4200mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, 50 samples continuous testing
Dimensions (W*H*D):238*153*310 mm
Weight:3.65 KG
Operation Environment:10 ℃~31℃;%RH: 25%-80%; 700-1066 KPa
Small and portable
*Small size (315*238M53mm)
*Light weight<4 Kg (including battery)
*Build-in high capacity rechargeable battery
Friendly User Interface
•Color LCD touch screen display
•“traffic light” indicator
•Build-in multimedia tutorials
Unique smart cartridge design
•Single use cartridge with multi tests
•Safety and Environment protection
•Long cartridge storage life at room temperature
Convenient operation, accurate and reliable results
•Standby without consumption and complete maintenance free
•Fast, accurate, and convenient build-in auto calibration
•Auto sample aspiration assures convenience and reliability.
Powerful Data Management
•USB ports for data transfer
•10,000 patient data storage
•Optional data management software
•Seamless integration with LIS/HIS through wired or wireless networking

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