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MY-B006N Bacterial Identification & Drug Sensitivity Analyzer

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Detection principle Colorimetry is employed for bacterial identification; turbidimetry for antimicrobial susceptibility test. 
2. Optical principle Well-by-well photoelectric detection and fiber optic light transmission technology, there is no mutual interference between the hole and the hole. Don’t require manual review. Completely banned traditional scanners or CCD imaging detection technology. The test results are accurate and don’t require manual review
3. Kinds of kit We have all kinds of kits, including Enterobacteriaceae, Nonfermenters, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Enterococcus, Vibrio, Gram-positive bacilli, and                Fungus Identification/Drug Susceptibility Kit. 
4. Material of plate 18 /96 well plate with lid 
5. Identification of fastidious bacteria and anaerobic bacteria It can be identified in aerobic and anaerobic conditions. 
6. Flexibility Antibiotics can be combined according to the needs of users. 
7. Design and preparation of kit We have an Identification & Drug Susceptibility combined Kit, Identification Kit, and Drug Susceptibility Kit. 
8. Number of identified bacteria  About 2000 
9. Drug combination  Antibiotics and concentration gradients were set according to CLSI standard. Antibiotics and concentration gradients can be combined freely. 
10. Expert system Powerful expert systems for identification and drug susceptibility. With rich rules, bacteria identification results can automatically be correct and related                    information for multiple drug resistant strains can be provided automatically to full realize human-computer interaction 
11. Report form According to the CLSI standard, the results are divided into five groups (A B C O U) and MIC values can be reported. And the report form can be chosen                freely by users. 
12. Data processing Data storage is unlimited. With powerful query and statistical analysis functions, users are free to set query and statistical conditions. 
13. Service We can provide clinical microorganism laboratory construction and technical.
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