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MY-B201 Spectroscopical Color photometer

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  • Description
Wide application range and easy-to-operate feature; 
Measure reflection color and transmission color of objects and can test chromaticity, whiteness and color difference between two objects or two kinds of liquid; 
Only accept d/0 lighting specified by CIE;
Display reflectance and transmittance of objects or liquid within the scope of visible light wave (400nm-700nm), and generate a spectral curve on reflectance and transmittance of objects or liquid, which greatly facilitates analysis on object color;
Wide used in such industries as textile, dye, printing and dyeing, coating, paint, paper making, building materials, food, and printing.

Lighting conditions: d/0
Spectrum conditions: overall response is equivalent to tristimulus values X, Y, and Z calculated in corresponding functions under GB3978 standard illuminant D65, A, C and 10°, 2° view of field. 
Measurement window: Ø20mm
Wavelength range: 400nm~700nm; 
Accuracy: ±2nm
Accuracy of spectrum transmittance (%): ±1.5
Repeatability: σ u (Y) ≤0.5, σ u (x)、σ u (y) ≤0.003
Instrument stability: ΔY≤0.6
Accuracy: ΔY≤2, Δx、Δy≤0.02
Palette system: Color: X, Y, Z; Y, x, y; L*, a*, b*; L, a, b; L*, u*, v*; L*, c*, h*
 Color difference: Δ E (L*a*b*); ΔE (Lab); ΔE (L*u*v*);  ΔL*, ΔC*, ΔH*
 Whiteness: Gans whiteness
 Blu-ray whiteness: W=B
 Tabble: W=4B-3G
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