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MY-D014 hospital 300ma Medical x ray machine equipment

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General radiography,Filter-ray-filter radiograph
Unit Configuration  
Control, HT generator unit,Ht cable,X-ray tube unit,Radiographic table-X-ray source column  ,Collimator
1,  Single-table/single-tube
2,  Rotary anode X-ray tube unit and tangential annular tube head
3,  Single-phase full wave rectification high-voltage generator
4,  Power voltage(v) radiograph kilovolt (KV).step-less control electric mechanism
5,  Filament stabilizer for X-ray tube unit and space charge compel mentor
6,  Radiograph volume KV ,mA and S. grading and interlock protection
7,  Adopt digital circuit timer. Grading according to R10 priority coefficient,(for more accurately controlling time)
8,  HT primary, the zero controlled circuit of silicon-controlled rectifier of heavy power
9,  Radiographic table can move in length an breadth
10,The radiographic table. Column and vibrating grid are in a whole without ceiling and floorh rails bottom
Demand of power supply Capacity Two-phase 30KVA
Voltage,Frequency 380V/220V   ±10%50HZ ±0.5Hz
Intemal resistance 2Ω(380V)  0.6  Ω(220V)
power supply Adjustable range 380±10% at220V being adjustable continuously
Radiograph Voltage 50-90KV     50-90KV  being  adjustable  continuously
current Small focus:50mA100mA,Big focus:50mA 100mA  200mA  300mA
time 0.04~6.35s 23grades together grading a according to R10 coefficient
High-voltage generator Capacity 20KVA(instantaneous)
Max DC output voltage 125KV
Max DC output current 300mA
X-Ray tube Model XD51.20-40/125
Focus Small focus 1×1mm  big focus2×2mm
Radiographic table Length×width×height of bed surface 2000mm×665mm×700mm
Moving range of bed surface 640mm in Length,200mmin breadth
Ray-filter of table Travel in length ≥500mm
Grid density N=28
Convergence distance f.=100cm
Grid ratio r=8
Column of X-ray tube unit Moving Longitudinally along
Radiographic table
1000mm or 1800mm
Distance to friend as moving up and down (along column) 650~1800mm
Rotary around the center of cross arm ±180°
Rotary around the shaft line of
X-ray annular tubes
-10°~60°~  +120°
Max size of cassette 356mm×432mm  (14″×17″)
Note: We will not make another notice if the contour of product and technical parameters will be changed.
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