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MY-D018 hospital 500MA Medical x-ray machine

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  • Description
1.Equipped with single diagnostic table and x-ray rubes, single direct bridge full-wave commutation, tube voltage is 125kV, tube currency is 500mA.
2.Total 540 storage combination controlled by element such as kV mA S is applied radiography for the following filed three body position, fat middle and thin body type, automatic detect and display cod of mistake in system, send warning signal, detect accuracy and maintain.
3.X-ray tube capacity protection, anode starting-up protection and radiograph time-limit protection device semi-conduct controlled, fluoroscopy computed time device, x-ray tube over-hot protectorate provided, ensure x-ray tube run safely long time, improve accuracy of kV mA S.
4.Radiography table can move lengthways and crossover, can loaded all kinds of radiography dark box, use conveniently and it is beautiful.
5.Applied in all kinds of hospital for radiography such as general body、beam filtration、and chest.
Department Technology parameters
High voltage generator control table and high voltage transform assemble Power Voltage 380V±10%
Capacity 50Hz±1Hz
Frequency ≥32KVA
Inner resistance ≤0.3Ω
Tube voltage 45-125kV step 1kV
Tube currency 30-500mA 8 shift
Exposure time 0.01-5.0S 25 shift
Max rated capacity mA 600 500 400 500 400
kV 71 84 106 84 106
X-ray assembly Type of x-ray XD52-30.50/125
Focus 1×1.2×2 double focal
Rated rotate speed of anode 2800r/min
Manually beam limited device Model Manually continuous adjusted field of
Field view View, luminosity≥100LX,1minlimit-time device
Multi function radiography table
Moving table Lengthways ±600mm Electromagnetism locking
Across ±120mm
Mobile beam filtration grid Grid density 28L/cm
Grid ratio 8:1
Focusing distance 100cm
Scope of moving ≥600mm
Radiography item 5″×7″,8″×10″,10″×12″,11″×14″,
Distance from surface to film 75mm
Height of bed 700mm
Moving pillar ±180°,per 90°orientation, moving lengthways ≥1500mm
Bulb tube Rotate the cross arm±180,ascend $ descend 1100mm
LSJ pillar radiography frame The scope of ascend and descend 1450mm
The minimum distance from focal spot 380mm
Radiography item 8"×10" 10"×12" 11"×14"12"×15"
14"×14" 14"×17"
Fixed beam filtration role Grid density 40L/cm
Grid radio 10:1
Focal distance 180cm
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