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MY-D049 Mobile direct Radiography X-ray Machine

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  • Description
System Introduction
The Unit consists of the following fundamental parts:
♥ tube assembly
♥ generator
♥ collimator
♥ detector
♥ Workstation
The device works at constant potential high frequency. It connects with standard electrical outlet operation with single-phase at 115/230±10% VAC. During working, adjust the KV value according to different patient; choose the right mA data, X-ray source component transmit corresponding x-ray, which traverses through the patients’ body, producing different attenuation. This attenuated signal is detected by digital detector, processed by workstation, transmitted through Dicom 3.0 interface, output the image of diagnosed part on the screen. The image can be transmitted, seek out, printed and so on. It can provide an aid to diagnosis when used by a qualified physician. The system applies to the hospitals which has a high requirement of digital X-ray examination. It is used in operating room, emergency room and bedside for X-ray radiographic examination. The system can take general X-ray examination of all parts of the body such as breast, head, abdomen, spine and limbs. The system processes, displays, and stores the collected images. The device output can provide an aid to diagnosis when used by a qualified physician.

System Configuration
Part Name Quantity
High Voltage Generator & X-ray tube 1
Frame 1
FP detector 1
Collimator 1
Acquisition system 1
Optional parts
Remote Controlled Handswitch 1
Vertical bucky stand 1
Grid 1

System Specification
Frame form Folding
Length Min=1400mm;Max=1834mm
Width 730mm
Height Min=1430mm;Max=2000mm
Tube vertical travel range 525~1992mm
The rotating angle ±90°
The maximum distance from center to focus 1153mm
The maximum height of the obstacles 25mm
Control mode manual
X-ray tube
Tube form combined
Power 30KW
Focus 0.6/1.3mm
Anode heat storage capacity 107KJ
Housing heat storage capacity 375KJ
Maximum anode heat dissipation rate 300W
Maximum housing heat dissipation rate 40W
Anode rotation speed 3000rmp
Target Angle 16°
Rated power 30KW
Inverter frequency 100kHz
kV range 40~125kV   step=1kV
Maximum mA 425mA
mAs range 0.5-200mAs
Focal Spots shift depend on radiography
conditions shifted automatically
Time of Radiography 1ms~1.3s
Numbers of APR 40 (20 for small focus ,20 for big focus)
Exposure parameters adjustment method KV,MAS control
Adjustment mode manual
Average illuminance ≥100Lux(SID=1m)
Lamp timer 30S
Voltage and power 12VAC, 9A
Inherent filtration ≥2.0mmAL
Light field shape rectangle
Tape measure With a tape measure SID function
Pixel area 14X17 inch
Conversion screen Amorphous silicon,DRZ
Fill Factor 100%
Image Preview time 8S
A/D output 14-bits
Pixels matrix 3072 x 2560
Pixels Pitch 139 um
Spatial resolution 3.6LP/mm
Power supply 100-240VAC,47-63Hz
Weight(Including housing ) about 5Kg
Cable length 8m
Imaging working station
CPU 2.0GHz
Memory DDR2 2G
Hard disk 320G
Operating system WINDOWS  XP
Peripheral USB,Mouse,Keyboard ect
Screen 15 inch touch LCD
Packing Dimensions(mm) and weight(kg)
Dimension 1698*858*1662
Weight 355
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