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MY-E009 movable anesthesia machine

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1. Main body:High-strength engineering plastic rack, light,beautiful and corrosion resistant
2. Scope of application:adult, child
3. Gas source                 
O2: 0.27~0.55MPa    
N2O: 0.27~0.55MPa
4. Flow meter                 
O2: 0.1~1.0L/min   1.1~10L/min
N20: 0.1~1.0L/min   1.1~10L/min
5. O2, N2O linkage and N2O Stopper
When using nitrous oxide, oxygen concentration>25%;
When the oxygen pressure<0.2Kpa, the flow of nitrous oxide would be cut off.
6. Flow rate of rapid oxygen supply   25~75L/min
7. Low oxygen pressure alarm     There will be sound alarm when the oxygen pressure < 0.2MPa
8. Vaporizer                  it has the function of automatic compensation based on pressure, temperature, and flow rate. The regulation range of evaporator concentration is 0~5 vol%. Among Halothane,Enflurane, Isoflurane and Sevoflurane, one can be chosen for application as required by the customer. And vaporizers that are imported with original packaging are also available.
9. Respiratory circuit            
working mode: all-close, semi-close, semi-open 
releasing pressure: 0.5~7 kPa
10. Respiratory Bellows         
bellows for adults, bellows for children tidal volume range:0~1,500 ml

1. Display mode:High-definition TFT color LCD screen display
2. Ventilation  mode:IPPV, SIPPV, SIMV, PEEP, MANUAL,
3. Ventilation parameters       
Tidal volume      50~1500 ml (20~1500 ml)
Rate         1~99 bpm
SIMV rate   2~20 bpm
I:E          2:1~1:8 (4:1~1:8)
Inspiratory trigger pressure -1.0~2.0Kpa
PEEP        0~2.0Kpa
Pressure Range  1.0~6.0Kpa
SIGH        1.5 times the inspiratory time (70-150 adjustable)
Inspiratory platform 0~50%
4. Parameters for ventilation monitoring  tidal volume, ventilation volume, IPPV rate, SIMV rate, total respiratory rate, I/E, peak pressure of airway, average pressure, pressure - time waveform, flow rate - time waveform, PEEP, inspiratory trigger pressure, Inspiratory platform (autonomous inspiratory rate, lung compliance, airway resistance,flow
-volume oop,pressure-volume loop)
5. Monitoring of oxygen concentration   21%~100%
6. Security Alarm System
Oxygen Concentration alarm     upper limit setting range  21%~100%
low limit setting range   10%~80%
Airway pressure alarm          upper limit setting range  0.3~6.0 kPa
low limit setting range   0.2~5.0 kPa
Per-minute ventilation volume alarm       upper limit setting range 3.0~30L/min
low limit setting range   1.0~10L/min
Sustained high-pressure alarm       it will give alarm when stress have consistently been higher than 2.5 kPa
Suffocation alarm              it will give sound and light alarm if there
is no tidal volume input for 15 seconds
Power alarm
6. Power  :AC 220V±10%     50Hz±1Hz
                 (UPS, Storage battery)
7. (Mechanical Arms)          
8. (End-expiratory CO2 monitoring)   
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