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MY-S055 High Potential Therapeutic Equipment

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Dimension: 350 X 250 X 220mm Weight: 8 kg
Product Introduction
The high potential therapeutic equipment is new model and multi-function therapeutic equipment that has researched and developed by centralizing the company's massive labors, materials and finances and by adopting the up-to-date electronic technology, electromagnetic theory and modern physical medicine for three
years. It integrates high/negative potential, optical, leading prong and heating function and comprehensively adjusts and balances the human body cell, organization and organ system from innards to external body as well as helps person to eliminate the pain and disease and maintain the young vitality. Meanwhile, not only it enables to care health but also nourish body, which present the brand new conception of hi-tech,physical property, green and health.

Product Features
* Possess various functions such as high-voltage alternative electrostatic field,intermediate frequency 76KHz alternative electric field and heat.
* Possess indication tone of selecting key-press, therapy function and therapy ending.
* High/negative potential, two gears for high and low optical. The gears can change the output voltage.
* Unblock the meridian.
* Three gears in heat such as high, middle and low. When the temperature of high gear in heat exceeds 65℃ ±1℃, controlling device should be capable of turning off heating power supply.
* Change different (for example, high/negative potential, optical and heat),it can carry out various therapies.
* Adopt microchip to control. The performance of therapeutic equipment is stable,with low failure rate.
* High voltage generator is manufactured by special process to ensure the stabilityand safety of whole machine.
* Adopt the double-wire with protective tube and high voltage separation and protection device to ensure the safety of using.
* Easy, direct-viewing operation.
* The whole machine is equipped with perfect safety protection system, so the therapy process is safe and comfortable.
* The structure of whole machine is rational, with generous shape.

Main technical parameters
1) Power supply : AC 220V, 50Hz;
2) Input power: 120VA;
3) Output current:  2mA;
4) Electric potential difference: 20%;
5) Time difference: 2%.

Dimension of main unit
Length X width X height (mm): 350 X 250 X 220mm

Weight of main unit
8 kg

Environmental conditions of application site
1) Environment temperature:5 C-35 C;
2) Relative humidity: ≤70%;
3) Atmospheric pressure: 50kPa-106kPa;
4) Power supply: AC 220V, 50Hz.

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