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Wearable medical devices will change the world

As technology and living standards improve, more and more wearable medical products appear in our daily life, brought us convenience and health.

Someone expect that, wearable devices will start a new medical revolution, and it will play an invaluable role in health management, telemedicine and other aspects. In this regard, some industry experts selected 10 wearable devices that will most likely to affect the future medical health.

Currently the most popular wearable devices is Google glasses, it is also been criticized due to the 
strong conceptual, but not widely usage . However, the U.S. Senior Software Engineer Miyamoto said that the 
U.S. company Pristine developed a software for Google glasses, it can automate workflow in hospitals, 
such as postoperative endoscopic disinfection, it can be displayed on glasses steps. There is anther 
piece of software that can achieve telemedicine, such as in the intensive care unit (ICU), the attending 
physician can be played through the patient's access to specialists glasses for consultation.  
Last year, the Google glasses medical test has been started at the University of California,Irvine Medical Center.

American SPO Medical company’s "oxygen watches" can monitor oxygen saturation during patient’s sleep, and reduce the risk of sleep apnea syndrome patients obstructed breathing during the night. Last year Andon Health developed a watch pedometer, it can calculate the calorie consumption and sleep quality information when the user exercise, and helps send the data applications to health management and weight loss.

Bracelet type
Bracelet products is a leader in wearable devices, and there are many products on the market,such as Apple's UP bracelet,Sony's Core and Razer Nabu bracelet. The advantage is that it has great significance whenever it contacts with the body, in the  aspect of fitness.For example, known as the world's first intelligent species recognizable sports wristbands Amiigo,equipped with a shoe clips, used to record uppe and lower body motion data, and can more accurately calculate the amount of exercise and calorie consumption and other data.

Necklace type
After the popular of hand ring and watch, Zhang Yue , the founder of Puri (Beijing) Company, is eyeing the necklace. 
The company has developed a smart necklace called "magic beans",it can monitor the status of sleep,exercise type and amount of exercise, and the supporting device, the Bluetooth scales can measure the fat content of arms,legs and other parts. Finally the summary of all the data will be sent to the phone software, providing people with personalized health recommendations, such as what type of exercise should be increased, how much should be exercised etc;

Belt type
Belt equipment not only comfortable to wear, but also the parameters measured more accurately than the bracelet. 
Haley Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing R & D is an intelligent monitoring belt wearable life information monitoring products. 
Haley’s chairman, Yu Hai said, just as it tied around one’s waist like a belt, it can helps continuous dynamic monitor of ECG, respiratory rate and other parameters, but also can transfer the background data to expert analysis on platform for sleep apnea analysis and Holter analysis.


Patch type
Children are poor expression, and it’s very tricky once they got a fever. As to this, Beijing Rui Ren Medical developed a smart thermometer, it can be attached to the child's armpit, then can achieve real-time monitoring of body temperature, and can set the alarm temperature, and can get reminders on phone. Rui Ren Medical CEO Zheng Shibin said that this chip uses three sensors to sense the temperature, 
and invited the expertise to design the shape, so that children will not be uncomfortable when wearing.SMD devices can even be used to monitor ovulation. the UK "Temperature Concepts" developed a 
patch to measure subtle changes the body temperature of the female ovulation, predict the exact date 
ovulation, to achieve the effect of contraception or pregnancy, and the accuracy reaches 99%, the pregnancy rate can rises by 20% in six months, god as to expensive IVF method. Stanford University developed  patch sensor a heart attack, compared with, heart tests can be carried anywhere,eliminating the catheter into the blood vessels of the pain.

Maxim designed to measure vital signs T-shirt which is most representative. This T-shirt is called "Fit shirt", embedded with a variety of sensors to monitor ECG, body temperature and other vital signs and activity data for medical institutions to monitor the physical condition of the patient.

American Heapsylon company developed a smart socks from the comfort of a smart fabric material, built-in miniature sensors and conductive fabric, you can send data to support communication on foot ring, which records the user's exercise. According to statistics, 60% of the joggers will encounter cases of foot injuries each year,this smart socks can help them avoid injury.

Last March, millet Technology CEO Lei Jun said to develop smart shoes millet, the main function is to measure the user's distance running and running when the heart rate and other data. India even design a blind smart shoes, can lead the blind to the specified location, while avoiding a collision may occur, and promptly to avoid obstacles. The shoes and mobile phone connection, when the phone is detected by navigating to the user's direction, turning to remind the user when required by the vibrating element; also by the front sensor to detect obstacles three meters away, real-time alerts.

Mattress type
For sleep disorders, mattress products can well help them monitor sleep state, and propose effective recommendations. 
Yu Hai said Haley won mattress sleep monitoring production with no interference, no electrodes, no connections, etc.,
 the use of artificial intelligence technology for sleep architecture, heart rate variability, and extraction and analysis of various types of respiratory events, help in the diagnosis of sleep apnea syndrome.

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