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MY-B012C hospital or clinical laboratory Biochemistry Analyzer

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Biochemistry Analyzer is designed for hospital or clinical laboratory to measure the quantity of chemical or biochemical components in human serum, urine and other liquid sample, used to test liver function, kidney function, cardiac markers, blood sugar, blood lipid, etc.
Analytical System Fully automatic, Random Access, Discrete
Method End point, Rate, Fixed time, Immunoturbidimetric, 1-2 regent, Multistandard, reagent/serum blank, etc
Assay Item 40 assay
ISE mould(K+, Na+, Cl-, Ca2+) available on request
Throughput 1 Reagent 300 tests/hr
 2 Reagent 240 tests/hr
 With ISE 120 tests/hr
Test Menu T.BILI         r-GT/GGT    CHO    Ca      APOB-1/B   CHE
 D.BILI        ALP/AKP     TG      CL      APOB       CREA
 TP           UREA        CK      P       CK-MB      Mg
 ALB          CREA        LDH    C        ASO        AFU
 Lactic Acid    ALT/GPT      UA    α-HBDH  CO2        FMN
 LP(a)         AST/GOT     GLU   AMY      LDL-C      HDL-C
 CHE          LA           TBA    ADA      HS-CRP    PA
 Fe            Cu           Zn     C3       C4          IgG
 IgM           IgA           and drug, toxicity,etc.

Sample Position 60 
 Including standard, control and STAT; either serum cup or primary tube available 
Sample Volume 1~100ul, 0.1ul/step
Reagent Position 40
Reagent Volume R1: 1~400ul, 0.1ul/step, R2: 1~400ul, 0.1ul/step
Reagent/Sample Probe With liquid level sensor, collision sensor, Teflon coating and automatic washing station
Reaction Time 0~999 seconds
Cuvette High quality uv-transmitted plastic cuvette. 
Cuvette Washing 8 channels automatic washing system for reaction cuvettes
Probe and Mixer Washing Independent washing station for each sample/reagent probe and mixer
Alarm Automatic alarm for malfunction (eg: collision, reagent/sample insufficiency, full waste container, etc)
Calibration Linear, Non-linear, Multi standard, K factor
Sample Dilution/Retest Sample can be diluted and retested if results are out of range .
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