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MY-D055C Medical equipment 16 slice ct scan machine price

16 slice ct scan
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MY-D055C Medical equipment 16 slice ct scan machine price

·  Number of detector rows: 8
·  Number of detectors per row: 704
·  Anode heat storage capacity: 1.5MHU
·  Anode heat dissipation:441KHU/Min
·  Small focal spot size: 0.7mm×0.8mm
·  Large focal spot size: 1.2mm×1.4mm

Specification of CT Scan Machine

 1  Gantry


 Manual control from POD at console

 Gantry cooling: air

 Gantry rotation: belt-driven

 Slip ring type: low voltage

 Positioning system: 3D lasers

 2  HV Generator

 Power rating: 32kW

 MA range: 10-300mA

 KV range: 70kV, 80kV, 100kV, 110kV, 120kV, 140kV.

 3  Tube

 Anode heat storage capacity: 1.5MHU

 Anode heat dissipation:441KHU/Min

 Small focal spot size: 0.7mm×0.8mm

 Large focal spot size: 1.2mm×1.4mm

 4  Detector

 Number of detector rows: 8

 Number of detectors per row: 704

 5  Table

 Maximum motion range:1600mm

 Max. speed in horizontal direction:150mm/s

 Motion tolerance in horizontal direction (200 kg):±1mm

 Table elevation range:440mm

 Max weight load:450lb(205kg)

 Foot pedal control, table horizontal motion

 6  Console

 Uninterrupted power supply UPS (3KVA) to prevent sudden power outages and ensure the system stability


 Hard disk:850 GB

 Frequency:2.0 GHz

 Liquid crystal display of high resolution, displaying matrix (M * M): 1920×1200

 Progressive scan display

 DICOM 3.0 network interface

 Burn mode:DVD

 DICOM 3.0 print interface

 DICOM 3.0 output and input interface


 Auto-voice and integrated intercom for communication between operator and patient


 Include HIS & RIS interface

 Raw data can be reconstructed on the workstation


 Scan and Image Reconstruction

 The fast rotation time: 0.75s/360°

 Longest scanning time:100s

 Longest scanning range:1200mm

  Scout scan direction: anteroposterior, lateral

 Pitch range: 0.25-1.75

 Maximum number of slices per rotation:16 slices

 Thinnest image slice thickness in 16-slice mode:1.25mm

 Thinnest reconstructed slice thickness in 16-slice mode:1.25mm

 Nominal slice thickness for axial scan: 1.25 mm,2.5 mm, 5 mm,10 mm

 Nominal slice thickness for helical scan: 1.25 mm,2.5 mm,3.75 mm,5.0 mm,7.5 mm,10 mm

 Parallel image processing

 Simultaneous Reconstruction: Can reconstruct and reorganize the images simultaneously with a variety of options. Different reconstruction options are available within the scan protocol.

 Scanning FOV: 43cm

 Image reconstruction matrix:1024×1024

 Image display matrix:1024×1024

 8  PDU

 Input voltage: 3-phase 380V, 50Hz

 Power: 50kVA

 1  System Software

 Beam hardening artifact correction software

 Posterior cranial fossa optimization

 Motion correction reduces motion artifact

 Pediatric protocol

 NDI (NanoDose Iteration)

 Filming print software

 Remote maintenance system

 10  Accessory KIT
 Patient Table Pad, Head Holder, Head Holder Cushion, Phantom.
 11  Clinical Application
 Include Volume Reconstruction (VR), Multi-planar Reconstruction(MPR), Curved Planar Reconstruction (CPR), Surface Shaded Display(SSD), MIP,MinP.
 12  Option
 UPS,Printer,High Pressure Injector,FOV 500mm,Workstation,Abdominal fat analysis,The orthopaedic module
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